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Center for Power Electronics Systems
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
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Our group explores wide bandgap (WBG) and ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) materials and devices in electronic and photonic applications. Our research interests span the physics, design, simulation, fabrication, characterization, reliability, robustess, packaging, and circuit applications of WBG and UWBG devices. Our research emphasizes on the fundamental understanding of UWB/UWBG devices, their new applications in power, RF, sensing, and computing applications, as well as the relevant material-device co-design with machine learning. Our group highlights a full-stack research scope from materials and devices to circuits and algorithms, and the seamless collaborations with the industry.

OPENINGs: We have Ph. D. openings in the Fall 2022. The ideal candidates are expected to have a background in semiconductor devices or power electronics. Device physics background and cleanroom fabrication experience are strong plus. We also have immediate postdoc opening with a desired background in gallium nitride device process and IC designs. In addition, we host remote online research projects on device and converter modeling. The ideal candidates are undergraudate or graduate researchers with a solid background in device physics and device/circuit modeling. 

For anyone interested in the above opportunities, feel free to contact Prof. Yuhao Zhang with a CV and representative publications.


2021/10         Congratulations on the acceptance of Ming's paper by IEDM 2021 in collaboration with USC, Cambridge (UK), Enkris, and Qorvo!
2021/10         Dr. Zhang delieved two invited talks in the 240th ECS Meeting, one on 10 kV GaN diodes and the other on Ga2O3 thermal management
2021/09         Dr. Zhang's research was covered by Virginia Tech News, read the article here
2021/09         A new NSF project kicks off, read the news here.
2021/09         Welcome Yifan Wang to join the group as a Ph. D. student.
2021/09         Congratulations to Dr. Ming Xiao on promoting to Research Scientist!
2021/08         Congratulations to Matthew on being awarded the PowerAmerica Undergraudate Research Scholarship!
2021/08         Dr. Zhang made an invited talk at TSMC entitled "Exploring New Application Space of GaN Power Devices."
2021/08         Congratulations to Boyan and Ming on their EDL paper, which has been selected as the Editor's Pick!
2021/07         Congratulations to Joe on wining the IEEE PELS Ph. D. Thesis Talk Award!
2021/06         Congratulations to Qihao on wining the Presentation Award of APEC 2021!
2021/06         Qihao will do oral presentaion at APEC 21, and Dr. Zhang was invited to present in an industry session as a panelist
2021/05         Congratulations to Joe on becoming the Graduate Student Speaker for the Spring 2021 University Commencement Ceremony!
2021/05         Congratulations to Joe on wining the 2nd Prize in Torgersen Award (VT Engineering PhD Poster Presentation Award)!
2021/05         Ming and Boyan will do oral presentations at CSW 21, and Yunwei will do oral presentations at ISPSD 21
2021/05         A NSF-sponsored project started in collaboration with Prof. DiMarino @ CPES
2021/05          Dr. Zhang received the Outstanding New Assistant Professor Award of Virginia Tech Engineering
2021/04          Congratulations to Joe on passing his Ph. D. defense!
2021/03          We have two papers presented in IRPS this year on GaN robustness
2021/03          A ONR-sponsored project started in collaboration with Naval Research Lab and Penn State
2021/02          Dr. Zhang received the 2021 National Science Foudation CAREER Award
2021/02          A US-UK NSF-EPSRC sponsored project started in collaboration with Univ. of Southern California and The University of Cambridge
2020/12          Congratulations to Ruizhe, Boyan, and Yunwei on passing the Ph.D. qualifying exam
2020/12          Our IEDM paper has been reported by Nature Electronics: "Gallium nitride gets wrapped up"
2020/11          Congratulations to Jingcun for completing his fruitful one-year visit, we hope he will come back soon
2020/10          We have three papers accepted by IEDM this year
2020/04-10    We have a series of papers on robustness of WBG devices presented in IRPS, APEC, ECCE, and ECS Fall meeting (invited)
2020/06           Dr. Zhang's EDL paper was awarded the 2019 IEEE George Smith Award (Best EDL paper of the year)
2020/05           Congratulations to Joe on being named 2020 Graduate Student of the Year! Read the VT News here
2020/02           A new project funded by PowerAmerica, DOE, started in collaboration with Lockheed Martin
2019/12           Our APL paper has been selected as the Editor's pick
2019/12           Congratulations to Joe on passing the Ph.D. prelim! Defense will come soon
2019/06           Congratulations to Noah on starting his career at Lawrance Livermore National Lab