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16. Yuhao Zhang receives NSF CAREER award to develop new generation of power devices for electric vehicles, data centers, and renewable energy processing, Virginia Tech News, 2021/09/23
15. GaN breakdown reaches beyond 10 kV, Semiconductor Today, 2021/05/27, also on CPES website: Yuhao Zhang and team demonstrated the first 10-kV GaN power device in the world!
14. Power Rectifiers: High-voltage GaN trumps SiC, Feature Article in Compound Semiconductor Magazine, vol. 27, no. 3, 2021.
Galliu nitride gets wrapped up, Nature Electronics, 2020/12/11.
12. Vertical Gallium oxide Schottky barrier diodes with improved performance, Semiconductor Today, 2019/09/11, Also reported by Center For Power Electronics Systems
11. Platform for Fully Vertical Gallium Nitride on Silicon Power Devices, Semiconductor Today, 2018/04/26
10. In Dec 2017, over 30 media reports on our 2017 IEDM work worldwide, some selected as below
(a) "Device Makes Power Conversion More Efficient", MIT News Spotlight
(b) "Team Takes 'Finfet' GaN Transistors to 1200 V and Beyond", EE News

(c) "Researchers Look to Vertical GaN FETs to Boost Power Efficiency", Power Electronics

(d) "First Boost Prototype Vertical GaN Transistor to 1200 V, Sufficient for Electric Vechicles", Semiconductor Today

(e) "Researchers Add 'Fins" to Create 1200 V GaN Chip", Compound Semiconductor

(f) "Device could dramatically cut energy waste in electric vehicles, data centers and the power grid", TechXplore

9. GaN Power Devices: Perfecting the Vertical Architecture, Feature Article, Compound Semiconductor Magazine, vol. 23, issue 7, 2017/10

8. Vertical Gallium Nitride Moves for Power Electronics, Technology Focus Report, Semiconductor Today Magazine, vol. 12, issue 12, pp. 88-94, 2017/03
7. Optimizing Trench Profles for Power Gallium Nitride Electronic Devices, Semiconductor Today, 2017/05
6. Gallium Nitride Vertical fin Power Field-effect Transistors with 800 V Breakdown, Semiconductor Today, 2017/03
5. Wide-bandgap devices for power electronics -- IEDM report, Semiconductor Today Magazine, vol. 11, issue 10, pp. 88, 2017/01
4. IEDM: Showcasing III-V Success, Compound Semiconductor Magazine, vol. 23, issue. 1, pp. 25-26, 2017/01

3. Fully Vertical and Quasi-vertical Gallium Nitride pn Diodes on Silicon, Semiconductor Today, 2017/01
2. Cutting Leakage in Gallium Nitride Vertical Diodes on Silicon, Semiconductor Today, 2015/07
. MIT Demonstrates First Vertical Gallium Nitride Power Diodes on Silicon, Semiconductor Today, 2014/05